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Pinkert & Marsh, P.A. is a South Florida-based law enterprise which is recognized by offering quality appropriate legal remedies with a focus on professionalism, reliability, trust, stability, and trust. Our experienced experts are able to provide many remedies with the quality results expected of large companies together with the individual attention and responsibility. With over 15 generations of mixed realistic knowledge, we provide appropriate remedies in training locations such as patents and pictures, transactional law, expert appropriate cases, and management law. The appropriate experts at Pinkert & Marsh are outfitted to handle from the simple to the most challenging appropriate cases and transactional needs by preparing a unique mix of industry realistic experience strong appropriate cases know-how. Our dedicated and experienced appropriate experts try for the stable delivery of appropriate and expert quality and have generated a reputation for stability, quality, and stability. With Steven Spinkert as coral gables attorney.


About Steven Pinkert

Steven Pinkert, Managing Partner, gotten his Medical Degree from Northwestern Medical School in Chicago, illinois, il and accomplished his post degree residency at the Medical Center. Two Decades later his career is improved with the patient matter of Juris Medical doctor and Expertise in Business Supervision from the State of Nevada, as well as Apparent Legal expert. Over the past two generations, Steven has centered on efficiently developing products of state of the art medical equipment and features around the earth, such as The far eastern. Mr. Pinkert counsels and consults United States based companies on The far east market access and has used a lot of time journeying between The far eastern and the U.S. Mr. Pinkert's training locations include, bar entry, bar grievance, patents and unique, and general public appropriate cases. In Addition, Mr. Pinkert is a topic adviser with Legal Topic Insurance Account and is able to perform closings whether individual or expert, bring up to date topic recommendations and issue identification.


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Steven Pinkert's legal expertise spectrum is wide with the many years of experience he has in each field. Whether you are looking for real estate, patent and trademark assistance, administrative law, or insurance disputes, Steven Pinkert has proven himself to be the most reliable attorney in Miami. Your important matters are no laughing matter and having an experienced professional can make the process a lot smoother.

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